About Sadaf Glass

Information to learn more about us

Sadaf Glass Co. is a subsidiary of Sadaf Group Trading Holding, which is working in relation to the production, processing, and sales of glass products in Tabriz. Sadaf Glass operates with more than 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and selling a variety of glass products.

Another company of this group, which can be pointed out, is Atieh Saz Sadaf Co., which works in the construction and engineering sector. Sadaf Glass Company is the simplest, quickest, and safest way to purchase glass and its products from the industrial glass manufacturing factories group in Iran. By enjoying active members constituting engineers, employees, workers, and sales managers, the group has become one of the most critical centers to sell glass in Iran, the Middle East, and Asia.

Sadaf Glass Co. prepares and sells customers’ orders from industrial glass production groups in Iran such as Sahand Jam Glass, Azar Glass, Kaveh Glass, Ardakan Glass, etc. This company is also regarded as a sales agent of Sahand Jam and Azar Glass Company.

The annual sales volume of this group is over 10 million dollars. Taking into account the high volume of orders, the company employs utmost elaboration (attention) in connection with the production, packaging of goods, and the type of glass from the viewpoint of quality grade. Moreover, it applies the utmost care in the packaging of the products in terms of choosing the best materials, including wood, vaults, and their connections, and utilizing plastic covers on the product such that the purchased product reaches the customer in high quality.

Regarding export, the products of Sadaf Glass Co. are also exported to different countries. Among them, countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Angola can be noted.

Why Sadaf Glass?

Because of Iran’s position in the transit route between East and West and vice versa, and the location of Tabriz in this route and its neighborhood with Turkey and Caucasus countries, this city is recognized as the economic and industrial hub of the country and the Middle East. This situation has led to the production and supply of products with minimum shipping expenses and the maximum quality in accordance with European standards.

Furthermore, because of the direct relationship of Sadaf Glass Group with domestic and foreign production factories and the high volume of orders, the best product with the lowest price and the highest international quality is manufactured and provided.