Reflective Glass

Product Description

In the final part of the tin bath, reflective glass is manufactured by adding materials such as silver, nickel, chrome, copper, aluminum, etc. to the surface of the glass. The following items are among the features of reflective glass, which can be noted:

1- Beautiful and mirror-like appearance

2- Reduction of light and heat passing inside the building, which causes a decline of the heat entering the interior space. It is favorable for hot seasons and tropical areas. Moreover, the amount of incoming light decreases by about 65% and the amount of incoming heat by 70%.

3- Lack of full visibility inside the house at different hours of the day.

Types of reflective glass:

– Smoked reflective glass
– Silver reflective glass
– Bronze reflective glass
– Blue reflective glass
– Golden reflective glass
– Pink reflective glass
– Purple reflective glass
– Green reflective glass

Reflective glass is manufactured in the following dimensions:


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